Basic Business Chinese course in The Hague, The Netherlands

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Basic Business Chinese

MW Corporate Guidance Chinese language training course for business people in The Netherlands

This is a 120 hour course, of 2hrs 30 min per lesson. So a total of 48 lessons. The course can be taken in two parts, namely Basic Business Chinese I and Basic Business Chinese II. Each of these two parts of the course is 60 hours, of 2hrs 30 min per lesson, to a total of 24 lessons.

For optimal learning we recommend 3 lessons per week or a minimum of 2 lessons per week.

Tailor-made program

Study system: We have a tailor made study system for you according to your needs for work and daily life. This system contains three parts:

  1. Basic Chinese lessons
  2. Basic Business Chinese lessons
  3. Tutorial lessons and assignments


  1. Basic Chinese lessons: Principles and theory

In this part you will learn basic Chinese knowledge and using method via six parts which are listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and culture.

a)           Study and practice Chinese pronunciation

b)           Situational dialogues

c)           Read and write high frequency characters

d)           Learn to use Chinese grammar in speaking and writing, you will make sentence and dialogs by yourself.

e)           Get to know Chinese way of thinking and language habit to learn native Chinese.

Goal: after the course you could hold basic conversation in Chinese and express your wishes precisely.

  1. Basic Business Chinese lessons:

In this part you will learn to speak basic business dialogs in Chinese, read and write basic business text in Chinese, Chinese business manners. This course goes with the Basic Chinese course, when the Basic Chinese course rise to a higher level, the Basic Business Chinese course will raise a higher level with it.

a)           Applying for a job and job interviews.

b)           Employment and training.

c)           Business communication.

d)           Office environment.

e)           Conference and visit.

f)            Company information.

g)           Telephoning in Chinese.

  1. Tutorial lessons and assignments

We will have assignments for you after every Basic Chinese lesson and Basic business Chinese lesson. You could finish them and send them to us via email before the Tutorial lessons, we will check them before the Tutorial lesson and explain them during the Tutorial lessons, we are able to find your weak spots through the assignments and make improvement strategies.

a)           Review

b)           Listening and speaking dialogs

c)           Reading and writing practice

d)           Pattern exercises

e)           Feedback

f)            Summarize


Basic Business Chinese I

A 60 hour course costs: euro € 45, – x 60 hours =    € 2.700,- (excl VAT)

VAT       € 567,-

Total price       € 3.267,-

Basic Business Chinese II

A 60 hour course costs: euro € 45, – x 60 hours =    € 2.700, – (excl VAT)

VAT       € 567,-

Total price       € 3.267,-

Basic Business Chinese I and II

A 120 hour course costs euro € 45, – x 120 hours = € 5.400, – (excl VAT)

VAT                 € 1.134,-

Total price       € 6.534,-

MW Corporate Guidance Chinese Language Training course for Business people in The Netherlands

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MW Corporate Guidance Chinese Language Training course for Business people in The Netherlands

We offer the following courses:

1- Introduction to Chinese Mandarin Language & Culture for Business

2- Basic mandarin

3- Intermediate mandarin

4- Advanced mandarin

5- Preparation for Chinese language examination BCT (Business Chinese Text) and HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) *Official Language Certification.

6- Coaching course for speaking and listening

7- Seminars and lectures on Chinese culture, business etiquette and how to do business in China

Introduction to Chinese mandarin Language & Culture for Business

Study Chinese Mandarin with the unique method developed by our qualified Chinese teachers. You will be able to learn how to communicate with Chinese people on your first visit to China. You will be able to introduce yourself and talk about your company and your work. You will learn basic vocabulary for your field of work. Also you will learn more about Chinese culture and customs. In other words, during this course you will learn all the language skills you need to survive in Chinese Mandarin speaking regions.

In this intensive course for beginners you will learn the pronunciation of pinyin, which is the tool for learning Chinese characters. Basic grammar, in the most effective way for adults is also included. As well as useful words and sentences for living in China such as eating, travelling, how to fill in forms at the airport, book a hotel, ask for directions, communicate with medical staff in a hospital, taking a taxi, shop, count in Chinese and visit the bank, read key words and many more useful things needed once you are in China.

In the more advanced courses you will learn how to express yourself better and in more detail on your topics of interest, such as your business or hobbies. You can practice your business meetings with Chinese people in Chinese and learn more about the differences in etiquette and approach to business. Online you will find extra practice material with soundtracks and coaching sessions with our teachers, so that you can continue learning at home. We have a large network of skilled Chinese teachers in China and we organize video conferences and meetings in order to be able to practice even more.

The biggest advantages of our courses are our fast learning method and personal tailor-made study plan. We focus on only useful information and on the vocabulary needed in your field of work. We offer flexibility because we can adjust the study plan to the schedule of your busy life.

You are in control; you decide what you want to learn, how you want to learn it and when you want to learn it.

Our unique teaching method uses lecture materials which are constantly revised and updated. We use our own book which is more effective and closer to life than other study books used by different universities or programs. Those books are often very old, most of the time using old vocabulary and useless, out of date information, which can be frustrating and will slow down your learning process.

Our course is more interesting and dynamic and we offer more ways of teaching than any other course you might find. This ensures you that you can learn in a way which is best suited to your way of learning.

We give courses “In-Company” saving you time on the road.

Our teachers are Chinese native speakers and are certified for teaching Chinese to foreigners. The teacher will sit down with you and compose a personal tailor-made study plan fitted to your needs and expectations. We believe you should learn what you can use, and we will not waste your time and energy by studying topics that do not interest you. Since you do not have to travel to classes but your teacher comes to you, you will be able to save time travelling and your study will be more flexible as well. Your personal teacher could come to your office or home at a time which is most convenient for you.

Unlike most courses, this Mandarin language and culture course is set up by business people that know what you need to know to be able to do business in China successfully. These courses will provide you with an edge over other westerners trying to do business in China and will make sure your Chinese business partners do not have an edge over you!


Introduction to Chinese Mandarin Language & Culture for Business

This is a 60hr course, of 2hrs 30 min per lessons. So a total of 24 lessons.

For optimal learning we recommend 3 lessons per week or a minimum 2 lessons per week.

Price (p/person)

Single lesson (€35 x 2.5hrs) = €87,50

Course (€35 x 60hrs) = €2100,-

All prices shown are excluding V.A.T.